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Mental Health Workshops

Mental Health Workshops: Welcome

About the Workshops:

I offer a range of workshops, both in person and online, which aim to improve peoples understanding and management of different mental health issues. Some examples being Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Greif, Trauma, and Self Esteem. 

Where is the Workshop located:

Pocklington Cricket Club & Zoom


£50pp (Face to Face)

£25pp (Online)

What is included:

- A full morning workshop from 9am-12.30pm, including a mixture of talks delivered by myself, group discussions and creative exercises to complete.

- A worksheet and/or Brain Storming template.

- Journal prompts to take home.

- Tips and techniques (e.g. coping strategies).

- An information booklet with all the content taught throughout the workshop.

- A certificate on Completion.

- Unlimited Refreshments (Tea, Coffee, Cold drinks and biscuits/cake).


'Understanding and Managing Anxiety' Workshop

(Face to Face)


(Online) via Zoom:


Please get in contact for more information about booking your space.

Mental Health Workshops: About
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